Passaic Valley Water Commission Celebrates Customer Service Week

Passaic Valley Water Commission Celebrates Customer Service Week

(Clifton, N.J. – October 2, 2023) – Passaic Valley Water Commission (PVWC) is joining the National Customer Service week celebration to acknowledge our customer service professionals who work tirelessly to help you, our valued customers, migrate through issues such as bill payment and water complaints. “PVWC’s customer service professionals are

An in-depth look at hydrants with Passaic Valley Water Commission

(Clifton, N.J. – September 22, 2023) – Passaic Valley Water Commission (PVWC) customers have been hearing about hydrant repairs and replacements for many years. Some customers may have even experienced hydrant work in front of or near their home. PVWC is replacing nearly 1,100 hydrants so that fire personnel will

Levine Reservoir History

RESERVOIR INFORMATION In 1885, construction began on the Levine Reservoir. The images below provide information about Paterson’s water supply, the Passaic Water Company and the Levine Reservoir. Click on the images for more details. Combined PDF HAER STUDY HISTORIC AMERICAN ENGINEERING RECORD – STONY ROAD RESERVOIR (HAER NJ-155)

Passaic Valley Water Commission Offers Tips for Conserving Water

(Clifton, N.J. – July 18, 2023) – During these hot summer months, Passaic Valley Water Commission (PVWC) reminds customers to be mindful of how they use water. PVWC understands the importance of conserving water…that’s why we’re sharing tips on how to do so: Following these quick and easy steps can helps

Passaic Valley Water Commission to Hold Town Hall Meetings in its Service Area

(Clifton, N.J. – June 23, 2023) – Passaic Valley Water Commission’s (PVWC) Executive Director, Jim Mueller, has been holding quarterly meetings with elected officials in the municipalities served by the water utility for about a year. Beginning next week, PVWC will hold its first round of town hall meetings for

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