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The Purchasing System

An Overview The Purchasing System involves the vendor, using Departments, Comptroller and Purchasing Office. The Purchasing System can be categorized as either centralized or decentralized. The Passaic Valley Water Commission has a modified-centralized system requiring a “Buyer” with authority to purchase on behalf of the Commission. Such authorization is based on a formal policy and is limited by the bidding thresholds of   $36,000/-. The system requires the using Departments, when necessary, to take an active role in obtaining quotes, soliciting vendors, etc.

The following is a brief summary of the Purchasing System process:

Using Department

Identifies need for good(s) or service(s), checks monthly budget printout sheet to verify budget balances. Notifies Purchasing Office of need for product by submission of a requisition.

Purchasing Department

Contacts vendors and obtains prices. For orders in excess of $3,750/-, two competitive quotations are received. For orders (or a combination of orders of a similar nature) above $36,000/-, formal advertised bid specifications are prepared.


Examines the requisition for arithmetic corrections and checks available budget balance. If funds are certified to be available by the Comptroller, the requisition is approved and submitted to Purchasing for distribution. This initiates the encumbrance against the appropriation.

Purchasing Department

Sends the purchase order to the vendor which authorizes the shipment of the good(s).


Ships good(s) to Using Department. Reads and signs the claimant’s certification section of the purchase order and submits it to the Comptroller with invoice.

Using Department

Upon satisfactorily inspecting the good(s) or service(s) signs “receiving report” copy of purchase order certifying delivery of product and attaches original copy of the invoice and transmits package to the Comptroller.


Reviews voucher and invoice for correctness and processes for payment after receiving proper authorizations. Formal quotes are submitted with requisition and are maintained at Using Department.

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