Historical Development of PVWC

An Overview

Of all the world’s natural resources, none is more indispensable than water. Without this precious commodity, life would disappear.

For over 75 years, Passaic Valley Water Commission has been dedicated to providing pure water to the citizens and industries of Northern New Jersey. Passaic Valley Water Commission has created, and is continually improving, one of the most innovative water treatment facilities in the area.

1791 Establishment of Society of Establishing Useful Manufactures.
1849 Passaic Water Company was incorporated & secured franchises for water distribution to the town of Paterson & environs.
1857Principal intake of Passaic Water Company completed-located on Passaic River below the Great Falls in Paterson
1899 Intake relocated to present intake on the Passaic River in Little Falls
1902 Filtration Plant completed and put into operation in Little Falls
1916 North Jersey District Water Supply Commission created by Act of Legislature
1927 Passaic Valley Water Commission created by an Act of Legislature to acquire the privately owned water works system for Clifton, Passaic and Paterson.
1930 North Jersey District Water Supply commission project completed-included contracting with City of Newark, Paterson, Passaic and Clifton. NJDWC constructed the Wanaque Reservoir and appurtenances by the erection of the Raymond Dam across the Wanaque River in Wanaque, New Jersey.
1932 Completion of construction and other major improvements (the Wanaque Supply was brought into the system by construction of a pipe line) from the Wanaque aqueduct into the Little Falls Plant.
1937 Acquisition of Prospect Park
1962 Major enlargement and modernization initiated at the Little Falls Gravity Water Filtration Plant.
1986 Major enlargement of PVWC Water Treatment Plant.
1997 Acquisition of Lodi Water Utility
1998 Start of Water Treatment Plant Upgrade.
2004 Completion of new water treatment plant upgrade, featuring Ozoneation.
2005 Acquisition of North Arlington Water Utility.
2011 Start of feasibility study for Reservoir Project
2013 Completion of feasibility study and start of design Reservoir Project—phase 1 (Levine tanks, standby power at Passaic Valley Water Commission Little Falls Water Treatment Plant and storage tank in Verona.

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