Historical and Statutory Notes

40:62-110.l Passaic Valley Water Commission;
membership; term of office;

In any county of the second class with a population of at least 440,000, but not more than 450,000, according to the 1980 federal decennial census, in which at least three municipalities, two of which each  have populations of 50,000 or more, but less than 100,000, and one of which has a population of 100,000 or more according to the 1980 federal decennial census, have joined together to create, under R.S. 40:62-109, or elect or appoint under R.S. 40:62-129, a waterworks or water commission, and the provisions of this section shall control the number and method of appointment of the waterworks or water commission members, their terms of office and their salaries, notwithstanding the provisions of R.S. 40:62-108 et seq. To the contrary. Any agreements entered into pursuant to R.S. 40:62-129 shall be amended to conform with the provisions of this section.

The commission shall consist of seven members. A municipality with a population of 100,000 or more shall have three members on the commission and a municipality with a population of 50,000 or more, but less than 100,000 shall have two members on the commission. Members shall be appointed by the mayor in any municipality organized under P.L.1950, c.210 (C. 40:69A-1 et seq.) and by the governing body, by a majority vote, in any municipality organized under R.S. 40:79-1 et seq. A member of the commission shall be required to reside in the appointing municipality at the time of appointment; however, if the commission member moves outside the appointing municipality during the member’s term of office, the member may continue to serve on the commission to the end of the member’s term. A mayor, a manager or a member of the governing body of the appointing municipality may serve as a member of the commission unless this service is prohibited by the conflict of interest laws of this State.

Each commission member shall be appointed for a four-year term. All additional members who may be appointed to a commission under this section shall be appointed before January 1, 1989, and their first term shall expire not later than December 31, 1992. All terms of office of commission members already appointed and serving on the effective date of this amendatory and supplementary act shall not be affected by the provisions of this act.

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