Passaic Valley Water Commission Honored for Exceptional Utility Performance

(Clifton, N.J. – November 3, 2023) – The Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies honored 11 public drinking water systems with its top utility management awards on October 23 during its awards luncheon at the 2023 Executive Management Conference in San Diego, California. The Passaic Valley Water Commission (PVWC) was one of the honorees that received the Gold Award for Exceptional Utility Performance. Some of the projects AMWA considered were the Levine Reservoir tanks, Get the Lead Out and Partnering with the municipalities that PVWC serves.


PVWC has been undergoing changes since Executive Director Jim Mueller arrived in 2022. Mr. Mueller, a seasoned water professional who spent 29 years at New York City’s Department of Environmental Protection, brought a wealth of knowledge to PVWC, which has enhanced the performance of over 250 water professionals who now report to him. Among many initiatives, Mr. Mueller asked the engineering department to perform comprehensive assessments of PVWC’s water system so that the most vulnerable areas can be addressed as quickly as possible. He has also asked other PVWC departments to assess critical needs and to create a plan, including metrics, so each department can operate at optimal performance. He then came up with a comprehensive plan to keep track of how the company is performing overall, including staff performance management and dashboards for operational efficiency. 

“Over the last two years I have worked with the Board of Commissioners, my senior leadership team, and staff throughout the organization to begin to address the challenges facing PVWC,” said Mr. Mueller. “Initiating and completing the assessments was a great way to document the company’s most urgent needs,” he added.  “The national recognition by AMWA would not have been possible without the cooperation of everyone in the company focusing our collective efforts to make PVWC one of the best utilities in the country,” Mr. Mueller concluded.

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