Subsurface Exploratory Investigation and Replacement of Lead Service Lines

Public Notice

Passaic Valley Water Commission

Passaic County, New Jersey

Subsurface Exploratory Investigation and Replacement of Lead Service Lines

Cities of Paterson, Clifton, and Passaic, and the Borough of Prospect Park

Project No. 1605002-002

Borough of Lodi

Project No. 0231001-002

Borough of North Arlington

Project No. 0239001-002

In accordance with procedures established to evaluate projects that have applied for assistance under the New Jersey Water Bank (NJWB), a Level 1 environmental review has been conducted on the proposed projects referenced above. The projects consist of two phases.  Phase 1 is to use test pitting to determine the location of lead service lines that exist in the subject areas.  Phase 2 will consist of replacing service lines that are determined to be lead with an equivalent size Type ‘K’ copper service within the same footprint. 

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection has made a preliminary decision to assist this project under the NJWB.  The preliminary project costs are as follows:   

Preliminary Project Costs
MunicipalityProject NumberProject CostLoan Amount
Paterson, Clifton, Passaic, Prospect Park1605002-002$26,500,000$26,500,000
North Arlington0239001-002$10,500,000$10,500,000

Upon written request, the planning documents and the Department’s Environmental Decision Document will be available for public review at Passaic Valley Water Commission, 1525 Main Avenue, Clifton, NJ.  Contact Patricia Dannhardt, 973-340-5590 if you would like to review the documents.

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