Passaic Valley Water Commission will be making Improvements to its Aging Infrastructure

(Clifton, N.J. – December 27, 2022) Passaic Valley Water Commission (PVWC) customers in Clifton, Passaic, Paterson, Lodi, North Arlington and Prospect Park can expect to see changes to improve water quality.  On December 21, 2022, PVWC Executive Director Jim Mueller, asked the Board of Commissioners for and received approval of four engineering contracts to begin the initial studies necessary to make the improvements by upgrading aging cast iron water pipes.

“Shortly after I became Executive Director, I asked the Communications and Intergovernmental Affairs department to set up quarterly meetings with each of our three owner cities and other municipalities we serve,” said Mueller.  “At each meeting, I listen to issues, and we work to find solutions, some of which include more frequent flushing of water mains, if necessary.”

The engineering contracts, which total about $1 million dollars, are necessary to help evaluate conditions and alternatives and to develop a prioritization plan so the company can begin the initial phase of replacing aging cast iron water pipes in the ground. A plan to improve water quality by upgrading these aging pipes is anticipated to be complete by the end of 2023, including identifying the first phase of work to be executed soon after. The water commission will take into account high priority areas that have systemic taste, odor and color issues; and will also evaluate water demand and pipe capacity to ensure pipes are sized properly for existing and future generations.

“PVWC is one of New Jersey’s largest public water systems and the company takes pride in providing clean drinking water to its customers. We appreciate the patience our customers have shown as we work to upgrade our system infrastructure,” Mueller concluded.

For more information on these projects, customers can call the Customer Service department at 973-340-4300 or follow us on Facebook (@thePVWC), Instagram (@passaic_valley_water), or Twitter (@PVWC).

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