Passaic Valley Water Commission Offers New Opportunities to Help Its Customers

(Clifton, N.J. – April 28, 2023) – Passaic Valley Water Commission (PVWC) strives to produce the best water quality possible, as well as the best customer service. To help our customers pay their bill and resolve issues with greater flexibility, PVWC is pleased to offer two new opportunities for customers starting Monday, May 1, 2023:

  • Pay By Text: If you are a registered customer who likes to pay bills online, you can now do so via TEXT message.  Simply go to your account in the Customer Portal at, select the Pay By Text icon and follow the quick and easy steps. If you are not registered and want to start paying by text, simply go to to register and then follow the steps for Pay By Text.
  • Video Chat:  We realize that sometimes it is difficult to understand what steps to take when a representative is explaining how to pay or how to complete a task online.  For our customers’ convenience, they can now ask for a video chat with the customer service representative and see step-by-step how to perform the needed functions.

“We hope our customers will take advantage of these new opportunities to interact with our customer service representatives,” said Jim Mueller, Executive Director.   “It is important for our customers to know that we will continue to upgrade our practices and policies to ensure they are satisfied when they interact with PVWC,” Mr. Mueller added.

For more information on these new opportunities, please visit, or call PVWC Customer Service at 973-340-4300.

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By calling Customer Service 973-340-4300 at any time, day or night, Passaic Valley Water Commission will respond to water emergency situations for you.

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