How we’re protecting our employees and our operations

PVWC has always been concerned about the health and safety of our customers and our employees. With the spread of the Coronavirus, we are taking steps to protect our ability to treat and distribute water even if employees or suppliers become ill. Our goal is to ensure we can treat and deliver clean, high-quality drinking water without impact from the Coronavirus.
We have already implemented protocols to help reduce the risk of employees becoming infected or spreading the virus while at work. These steps include:

  • Providing social hygiene training to minimize the risk of spreading the virus;
  • Training and implementation of techniques to minimize cross contamination among staff;
  • Upgrading of in-house programs to maximize infection controls to decrease the possibility of transmission among employees;
  • Isolating operations personnel to minimize the risk of cross contamination; and,
  • Working with medical advisors to develop protocols for treating any employees that becomes ill.

In addition, we have taken steps to minimize any impact on the water treatment and distribution operations including:

  • Coordinating with critical supply vendors to assess future delivery capabilities;
  • Topping-off supplies of all essential chemicals to ensure adequate inventory; and
  • Developing contingency plans to operate facilities with reduced staffing, should such a situation arise.

Currently there is no disruption to customer services and none are anticipated. PVWC is working closely with the NJ Department of Environmental Protection as well as water industry experts. The situation is being monitored daily and PVWC will issue additional announcements as needed.

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