East 36th Street, Paterson Water Main Replacement Project

***UPDATE*** This project has been completed as of 2/11/2022

Starting Monday, January 31st, Guarini Inc. will start a water main replacement project on East 36th Street (between 11th Ave and dead end) in Paterson.

As part of our on-going improvement program, we are replacing, testing and disinfecting approximately 280 linear feet of water main along East 36th Street.  Please note that parking and access may be restricted for limited times at these locations.

We will make every effort to maintain your normal water service at all times. If your property is connected to the water main being replaced, you will receive water service through a temporary main. Our contractor, Guarini Inc, will need access to the property in order to connect your water service to the temporary main.

This effort may result in some unavoidable noise, disruption of service and discoloration to the water. Customers are therefore cautioned to determine if the water is clear before washing clothes (or any other processing) as staining may occur. In addition, please be cautious when walking, driving and parking – the contractor will try to minimize the disruptions to the extent practical. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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