PVWC Publishes Inventory of Lead Service Lines

(Clifton, N.J. – February 23, 2022) – Passaic Valley Water Commission (PVWC) has published an inventory of materials used in service line locations throughout its service area. The inventory is available at www.PVWC.com/LeadLookup/ on the Commission’s website.

According to PVWC Executive Director Jim Mueller, the inventory allows customers to see the materials used in the service line that brings water into their home. The inventory is constantly being updated, but contains the latest available information as of now.

The inventory includes all service lines, as required by New Jersey’s Department of Environmental Protection. In addition, PVWC is mailing letters to the estimated 6,000 customers with a known lead service line on their property.

The goal is to make sure that customers are aware of the presence of lead service lines on their property and to provide options for correcting the situation. The service line runs from the water main in to the customer’s building. A portion of that line is owned by PVWC, but the remaining portion is owned by the customer.

Although lead is not present in the water supplied to you, lead can enter the drinking water if it sits in contact with lead pipes or plumbing for several hours. Lead can cause serious health problems if too much enters your body from drinking water or other sources. For more information about lead in your drinking water, visit www.PVWC.com/lead-in-water-pipes/

Consumers are urged to visit www.PVWC.com/LeadLookup to review information about their property or to call the PVWC Customer Service Department at 973-340-4300.

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