Passaic Valley Water Commission Continues Upgrades, Replacing nearly 1,100 Hydrants

(Clifton, N.J. – April 10, 2023) – Hydrant upgrades are necessary to maintain the reliability of Passaic Valley Water Commission’s (PVWC) water system. Last summer, PVWC awarded a two-year contract to Roman E&G to replace nearly 1,100 hydrants throughout its service area.

“As public stewards of health and safety, it is important to upgrade and maintain PVWC’s system, which includes replacing hydrants,” said Executive Director Jim Mueller. “It’s our duty to ensure that our hydrants are in working order should the need for firefighting arise,” he added. 

PVWC has also been meeting regularly with fire officials in the municipalities in which it serves, most recently meeting with Clifton, Passaic, and Paterson Fire Departments for a hydrant overview session. This collaborative effort has proven to work since Mueller became executive director about 14 months ago.

“The communication and partnership between Paterson Fire Department and Passaic Valley Water Commission has been consistent these days under the new administration,” said Paterson Fire Chief Brian McDermott. “We met with PVWC back in December, then again 2 weeks ago to address hydrant issues, so it’s great to know that they are actively working to ensure hydrants are in working order,” added Chief McDermott.

PVWC anticipates the hydrant replacements to be completed by Summer 2024 and the company thanks the municipalities for working together to ensure these replacements are done efficiently and safely.

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