Levine Reservoir

The health risks caused by open water reservoirs

Drinking water from an open reservoir is like drinking water from a bucket that’s been sitting outside for a week.

The trouble with open reservoirs

Storing treated drinking water in open reservoirs creates health, safety and security risks for consumers.

Why we need to do this

Take a look at the orders, directives and studies that led us to decide to build water tanks at Levine Reservoir.

The plan to build water tanks at Levine Reservoir

Building water tanks at the Levine Reservoir will provide health, safety and security benefits for consumers.

What happens now?

Follow our progress as we convert Levine Reservoir into a pond with natural plantings with water tanks.

What happens next?

Closing Levine Reservoir is a first step in protecting your drinking water. Now we need to close New St. Reservoir.

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